Innovation Configuration Maps

The IC maps provide clear pictures of Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning in practice and guide educators in increasing the quality and results of professional learning. Applying any major change in schools requires deep study and commitment to a shared vision of what that change will look like once implemented. Innovation Configuration (IC) maps identify and describe the major components of the standards in operation, helping those in various roles understand the actions they take as part of systemwide implementation.

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Standards into Practice: External Roles

The latest volume of Innovation Configuration maps pinpoints the actions of those learning leaders working in roles outside of schools and school systems: education agencies, external partners, institutes for higher education, and professional associations. External partners include technical assistance providers from regional assistance centers, for-profit and non-profit vendors, and independent consultants.

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Standards into Practice: School System Roles

This volume highlights the actions of those learning leaders in four role groups: central office, director of professional learning, superintendent, and school board. School system staff are responsible for coordinating systemwide programs, professional learning, and resources needed to help each school achieve its goals for student achievement.

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Standards into Practice: School Based Roles

This volume includes IC maps for those educators working in schools each day. The roles covered in this book are: teacher, teacher leader/coach, school leadership team, and principal. The book also contains IC map introductory material that explains the concept and use of IC maps and their application to professional learning.

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