The Learning System, Summer 2012, Vol. 7, No. 4

Aug 13, 2012

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The art of feedback: Support observers with a system that ensures learning-focused conversations  
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Feedback conversations are often sources of anxiety that can hinder the learning and improvement process, so how the feedback is delivered is as critical as what is being delivered. Learn how to turn givers and receivers of feedback in your system into growth agents who explore and improve practice through data-driven, inquiry-based conversations.
By Anthony Armstrong

Tools: Learning-focused conversations: A template for planning and A template for reflecting
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Feedback is the beginning of a conversation that explores and improves practice. Use these conversation templates to help shift your culture through data-driven, inquiry-based conversations about improving practice.  
Advancing the standards: Serve up a pie chart to illustrate investment in professional learning

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Pie charts, also known as circle graphs, are fascinating visuals that illustrate different proportions that constitute a whole. Read how pie charts promote accountability as they enable non-expert stakeholders to quickly understandwhat makes up the whole of your professional learning system.
By Hayes Mizell

See Additional resources below for a free digital tool to help you create the professional learning pie charts mentioned in this column.

In practice: Disjointed professional learning calls for building a strong foundation

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In 2009, when Janet C. Johnson, education specialist for Atlanta Public Schools, enrolled in the Learning Forward Academy Class of 2011, her problem of practice was addressing a disjointed approach to professional learning in the district. Read how Johnson introduced the newly revised Standards for Professional Learning as a critical part of building a new foundation for the district’s change process.
As told to Anthony Armstrong

Additional resources (online-only)

Tool: Professional learning pie charts
Use this digital tool, based on Hayes Mizell’s column in this same issue, to discover and create charts that enable stakeholders to quickly understand what makes up the whole of your professional learning system.

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