JSD, April 2013: Put collaboration to work

Apr 30, 2013




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The collaborative compact: Operating principles lay the groundwork for successful group workDownloadNow_small
By Robert J. Garmston and Diane P. Zimmerman

Leaders can accelerate collaboration by creating collaborative compacts -- a set of agreements on how group members work together, think together, work with conflicts, and manage their own behavior.
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All aboard!: In one Iowa district, all teachers and principals are on the same journeyDownloadNow_small
By Deb Hansen, Colleen Anderson, Linda Munger, and Mitzi Chizek

Collaborative learning teams are improving teacher practice and student learning results in the Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District near Des Moines, Iowa.

A tune-up for stymied teams: When a group's focus falters, take steps to get back on trackDownloadNow_small
By Renee Hesson

Even the most efficient team of teachers can become ineffective. The keys to refocusing a committed team on the instructional goals originally established by the group are through reality, relationships, and reflection.

Strong teams, strong schools: Teacher-to-teacher collaboration creates synergy that benefits studentsDownloadNow_small
By Dennis Sparks

Schools will improve for the benefit of every student only when every leader and every teacher is a member of one or more strong teams. Effective teamwork creates the environment for meaningful collaboration that enables teachers to better address the complex challenges of their work.
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Create a learning team road map: A well-designed plan is flexible and focused on the team's goalDownloadNow_small
By Anne Jolly

The team plan is the beginning route that team members agree to follow to reach a shared goal. To develop a good plan, team members must spend time exploring ideas, examining different strategies for reaching the goal, and deliberating on which approaches they will use.

You've been evaluated. Now what?: Use results to pump up professional learning's potentialDownloadNow_small
By Stephanie Hirsh

Teacher evaluations have the potential to achieve more, and to do it more quickly, when they are part of a comprehensive professional learning system tied to a school district's and a school's improvement goals for students.

Learning to be a community: Schools need adaptable models to create successful programsDownloadNow_small
By Bradley A. Ermeling and Ronald Gallimore

The learning communities movement is at a crossroads. Schools and districts need implementation models flexible enough to adapt to local conditions but sufficiently specific that educators aren't reinventing the wheel.


From the editorDownloadNow_small
By Tracy Crow
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Essentials: Keeping up with hot topics in the fieldDownloadNow_small

  • Digital learning
  • Michigan report card
  • School leader challenges
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  • Urban principals
  • Teacher evaluation
  • Improving feedback


Team long-term planning guide and plan for team growth.

Collaborative cultureDownloadNow_small
By Susan Scott, Deli Moussavi-Bock, Janet Hagstrom Irving, and Lisa Bresnehan

Ask questions, rather than dispense advice, to transform conversations into teachable moments.


  • Workbook examines collaboration time
  • Book Club
  • On Board: Aspire to be remarkable
  • Membership referral program
  • New IC maps
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From the director DownloadNow_small
By Stephanie Hirsh
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What the right data can do: Find sources that can help tailor learning to each educator's needsDownloadNow_small
By Edie Holcomb

By using student, educator, and system data that provide critical information to customize planning, every educator is learning -- not just attending the same events as everyone else.

A powerful partnership: Principal and external provider lead the turnaround at a low-performing urban schoolDownloadNow_small
By Maryann Marrapodi and Ora Beard

A strong principal, dedicated staff, and external provider use a data-informed instructional improvement process to change the course of Dixon Educational Learning Academy in Detroit, Mich.

Deep impact: A Learning Forward Academy graduate inspires learning in her districtDownloadNow_small
By Shirley Hord, Janice Bradley, and Patricia Roy

As a result of her experience in the Learning Forward Academy, Karla McAdam changed her approach to the work she does with schools -- and influenced learning for the principals, teachers, and students in her district.
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