JSD, August 2011: Standards for Professional Learning

Aug 30, 2011

Published on August 1, 2011


At issue

JSD Professional learning guide Download Now

Use this companion to the August 2011 issue of JSD to facilitate discussion and reflection of the thematic articles. (Available to the public.)
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  • FAQs on the new standards
  • Explore JSD with your learning team
  • What do you already know about the standards?
(Available to the public.)
New standards put the spotlight on professional learning   Download Now

Learning Forward introduces new Standards for Professional Learning. (Available to the public.)
By Hayes Mizell , Shirley Hord , Joellen Killion , Stephanie Hirsh

Learning Communities Download Now

Practitioner viewpoint: John Wiedrick, Valleyview, Alberta, Canada.

The starting point for professional learning is in schools and classrooms
Through learning communities, educators build the capacity and collective will to enhance the learning and achievement of all students. (Available to the public.) 
By Ann Lieberman , Lynne Miller 

Leadership Download Now

Practitioner viewpoint: Deborah Jackson, McLean, Va.

Support and structures make the difference for educators and students
Effective leaders build capacity, provide support, and distribute responsibility. (Available to the public.) 
By Kyla L. Wahlstrom , Jennifer York-Barr 

Resources   Download Now

Practitioner viewpoint: Barbara Nakaoka, City of Industry, Calif.

The dollars and sense of comprehensive professional learning
Effective professional development is not expensive relative to overall spending, and its key elements and their costs can be identified. (Available to the public.) 
By Allan Odden 

Data   Download Now

Practitioner viewpoint: Denise Torma, Emmaus, Pa.

Meaningful analysis can rescue schools from drowning in data
More meaningful analysis of data will help close the implementation gap for professional learning standards. (Available to the public.) 
By Douglas B. Reeves , Tony Flach 

Learning Designs    Download Now

Practitioner viewpoint: Shirnetha Stinson, Lancaster, S.C.

Study, learn, design; repeat as necessary
The authors outline three phases learning design teams move through to create high-quality professional development. (Available to the public.)
By Bruce R. Joyce , Emily F. Calhoun 

Implementation    Download Now

Practitioner viewpoint: Raymond Aguilera and Olivia Zepeda, San Luis, Ariz.

Learning builds the bridge between research and practice
The Concerns-Based Adoption Model provides a way to transfer new practices into the classroom. (Available to the public.)
By Gene E. Hall , Shirley M. Hord 

Outcomes    Download Now

Practitioner viewpoint: DeNelle West, Gwinnett County, Ga. 

Coaching, teaching standards, and feedback mark the teacher's road to mastery
We must support and enable all teachers to experience professional development in the building blocks of successful teaching and learning. (Available to the public.) 
By Jon Saphier 

Outcomes    Download Now

Practitioner viewpoint: Glenn Nolly, Austin, Texas.

Content-focused learning improves teacher practice and student results
Content focus and coherence are fundamental to professional development that helps teachers boost student learning. (Available to the public.)
By Laura Desimone 

Quick reference guide to Standards for Professional Learning  Download Now

Pullout section provides an at-a-glance view of the standards. (Available to the public.)
Forge a commitment to authentic professional learning  Download Now

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan calls on education leaders to rethink how we support teachers. (Available to the public.)
By Arne Duncan 


From the editor  Download Now

(Available to the public.)
By Tracy Crow 

Essentials: Keeping up with hot topics in the field  Download Now

  • Shifting roles for teachers
  • How the U.S. stacks up
  • Watch and be inspired
  • Gen Y teachers
  • Early childhood policy
  • Technology's impact
  • Minority male achievement
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Tool: Standards policy action guide  Download Now

(Available to the public.)
Cultural proficiency  Download Now 

Effective diversity facilitation matches teachers' level of cultural knowledge with the appropriate learning experience. (Available to the public.) 
By Patricia L. Guerra , Sarah W. Nelson 

Collaborative culture  Download Now

Generational differences offer an opportunity to explore a wide range of perspectives. (Available to the public.)
By Susan Scott , Deli Moussavi-Bock 

@ Learning Forward  Download Now

  • MetLife Foundation supports standards
  • Book Club selection
  • On Board: Mark Diaz on using standards as a guide
  • 2011 Shirley Hord Learning Team Award winner
(Available to the public.) 
From the director  Download Now 

(Available to the public.) 
By Stephanie Hirsh