Title II Advocacy

Title II Advocacy

ESSA’s Title II funds for leadership and professional learning that are in danger of being eliminated. The programs funded through Title II significantly impact teachers, school leaders, principals, and the students they serve. Visit our Title II actions web page for information, including a sample email, sample tweets and tools for finding the contact information for your members of Congress. For assistance with talking points with your members of Congress, we have a set of ideas here.

Current update on Title II 


April 12, 2018


While Learning Forward and its members scored a big victory last month with Congress and the President agreeing to level-fund Title IIA for Fiscal Year 2018, April may not be a time to rest on our laurels. With the ink barely dry from his signature on the final funding package, the President, along with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), began working on a rescission package that might reduce or take away some or all of the $2.055 billion that Title IIA is slated to receive. While such a package might gain traction and pass in the House, where it could be unveiled as soon as next month, several top Senate Republicans have already thrown cold water on the prospect of removing between $30 and $60 billion in spending to which they just agreed. If those Senate Republicans hold firm, it will be very difficult for the President to find the 51 Senators he needs to pass the rescissions he seeks. For our part, Learning Forward stands ready to defend the Title IIA victory we just won.


As this relitigating of Fiscal Year 2018 continues to play out, the House and Senate are attempting to move forward with Fiscal Year 2019 funding. This year's funding debate is made slightly easier by the fact that Congress agreed last year to a spending package that set the overall amount of funding available for both Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019. So, we will not have to fight the spending caps battle this year. However, the announcement this week of the nation's growing deficit -- $1 trillion according to the Congressional Budget Office -- may temper Congress' desire to spend all of the money it has authority to spend in 2019. What this means is that we will have to make a strong case that Title IIA is vital to the nation's interest and that it should be at least level-funded again.



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Please share how you use Title II funds in your context and most importantly how those funds have a real impact on student learning.

Title II talking points -- use and share
Learning Forward developed this one-pager to help policymakers understand why Title II funding is so critical for students and educators.

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The Learning Forward Advocacy Team (A-Team) is a new opportunity for members to provide a critical service to the education community. Stay up to date on the latest in Title II updates and receive special invitations to help us take action.  


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