JSD, October 2011: Learning Designs

Oct 30, 2011

Published on October 1, 2011

Issue Contents

JSD Professional learning guide  Download Now

Use this companion to the October 2011 issue of JSD to facilitate discussion and reflection of the thematic articles.

At issue

Up close: Deep smarts start here  Download Now

  • Connecting the standards
  • Adult learning principles
  • JSD Learning Guide

How adults learn forms the foundation of the Learning Designs standard   Download Now

Understanding how adults learn is an essential component for shaping professional learning initiatives. (Available to the public.)
By Eleanor Drago-Severson 

Cycle of success: Learning sequence melds disjointed activities into a streamlined structure  Download Now

What was once an assortment of disconnected ideas for learning is transformed into a powerful tool for professional learning.
By Colleen Broderick 

In Yasir's shoes: A principal gains insight by shadowing an english language learner student  Download Now

By shadowing an immigrant student, an elementary principal in Spokane, Wash., learns how to engage, motivate, and sustain ELL students to academic success.
By Shari Farris 

In demonstration classrooms, it's show-and-tell every day   Download Now

Toronto teachers improve their practice by observing a colleague in the classroom then participating in a collaborative debriefing session with an instructional guide.
By Karen Grose , Jim Strachan 

A state for excellence: New Jersey boosts learning power with online video resources  Download Now

New Jersey bolsters its professional learning tool kit with Success at the Core, an online resource that offers strategies to improve instruction and strengthen leadership teams.
By Victoria Duff , Wendy Sauer , Sonia Caus Gleason 

Teaching 2.0: Teams keep teachers and students plugged into technology   Download Now

A Colorado district develops a two-year program that gives teacher teams an opportunity to learn how to use digital tools in the classroom. (Available to the public.)
By Michelle Bourgeois , Bud Hunt 

Pause, rewind, reflect: Video clubs throw open the classroom doors   Download Now

Through video clubs, teachers develop professional visions. The authors outline the benefits as well as guidelines for creating one.
By Miriam Gamoran Sherin , Katherine A. Linsenmeier 

Flying solo: Teachers take charge of their learning through self-study research  Download Now

Teachers who want total control of their own professional development can improve their practice by following this five-step plan for self-study. Teacher Libbie Edwards describes her experience.
By Anastasia Samaras , Libbie Roberts 

Grassroots growth: The evolution of a teacher study group  Download Now

Teachers find they are energized when they participate in a teacher study group focused on social responsibility.
By Dana Maloney , Terry Moore , Monica Taylor 


From the editor  Download Now

(Available to the public.)
By Tracy Crow 

Essentials: Keeping up with hot topics in the field  Download Now

  • Betting on teachers
  • Policy's impact
  • The new face of teachers
  • Performance bonuses
  • Title I trends
  • Summer learning

Tool: KASAB chart  Download Now

Cultural proficiency  Download Now

Cultural liaison serves as bridge between community and school. (Available to the public.)
By Sarah W. Nelson , Patricia L. Guerra 

Collaborative culture  Download Now

A collaborative, high-performing partnership is possible -- some assembly required. (Available to the public.)
By Susan Scott , Angela Brooks-Rallins 

@ Learning Forward  Download Now

  • Grant supports Common Core implementation
  • Book Club selection
  • On Board: Mark Diaz offers a checklist
  • E-learning focuses on professional learning communities
(Available to the public.)
From the director  Download Now

(Available to the public.)
By Stephanie Hirsh 


What can motivate teachers to learn? Ask them  Download Now

Teachers in a case study reported a higher level of change when they had ownership over their learning and a role in the decision making.
By Michelle Vaughan , James McLaughlin